RESIDENTS were treated to a memorable afternoon of ice skating reliving their once favourite pastime.

Portobello Place, a care home in Chartridge Lane, Chesham, took seven of its residents on a trip to Chiltern View Ice Skating Rink for some ice skating on December 11.

The experience was made possible thanks to a wheelchair-friendly ramp and skating guards for assistance.

They had the exhilarating experience of ice-skating - propelled by carers on skates.

An impromptu race provided thrilling moments, creating joy and laughter among residents and staff.

The event concluded as a resounding success, with a sense of anticipation building towards another scheduled outing later in December.

Jurgita Maksimova, activities coordinator at Portobello Place, said "The excitement we witnessed during our ice-skating event trip was truly heartwarming.

"It was a vivid reminder of why we do what we do here at Portobello Place."

She commented on how wonderful it was to see residents enjoying themselves, many of whom hadn't felt the exhilaration of skating for several years.

"Seeing their excitement to be back on the ice, sharing heartwarming stories from their younger days, and impressing everyone with tales of the tricks they used to do was truly inspiring."