POLICE have been called to assist in rescuing a sheep running loose in Princes Risborough earlier today (December 20).

The black sheep was seen running around in Poppy Road, Princes Risborough at around 12.20pm.

Melanie Codling and her neighbours helped assist police in rescuing the sheep.

She said: "I did chase after it like a wanna be sheep whisperer but it was super fast and apparently I can’t lasso!

"The sheep was calm until anyone approached it then it sped off.

"It wasn’t just me though, the community came out on force to help."

She added it was "not something you see every day on Poppy Road." 

The sheep has reportedly been penned into a garden.

A police spokesman said: “Thames Valley Police received a report at around 12.30pm today (20/12) of a sheep loose on the A4010, Princes Risborough.

"The sheep was identified by the tag in its ear and was later collected by its owner.”