A young family have helped to spread Christmas cheer this year by visiting homes around their Buckinghamshire village with their pet 'reindeer' in tow.

Georgia and Ewan Paulon-Smith, 26 and 24-years-old respectively, decided to make this Christmas season extra special for their neighbours by dressing up their five-year-old daughter's pony Narla in a reindeer costume and taking her door-to-door in their local community of Hazlemere on four dates throughout December. 

Among the testimonies from the homes they visited, one person described their experience as "brilliant", with another sharing that their daughter "couldn't wait to tell everybody" about it and praised the couple for "spreading Christmas joy and magic".

Someone else called it a "brilliant idea that had been beautifully carried out" and another said: "Narla is incredible and so beautiful! We would love to do it again next year!"

'Reindeer' Narla's visits also came with a Christmas Eve gift box, the contents of which one recipient said was "fantastic".

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Georgia said she and her husband were also stopped several times in the street for photos while walking Narla around the village, adding: "A lot of the people stopping us were adults with no children - it was lovely to see the joy being brought to all ages.

"Narla is only six-years-old, but she handled it really well. We're hoping she can become a therapy pony who we can take to visit old people's homes."

Georgia has set up a fundraising page as a way for people to support the festive initiative, with profits going to Barnardo's, a charity that supports hundreds of vulnerable children across the UK.