Traffic was at a standstill on the M40 motorway and Beaconsfield services due to Storm Gerrit.

The yellow weather warning for Buckinghamshire has caused a massive impact on local commutes, with unpredicted congestion and a gridlocked Beaconsfield services junction.

A driver observed that the A404 Bisham roundabout to Wycombe was "gridlocked" earlier today.

Delays of 15 minutes on the M40 and 10 minutes on the A404 have disrupted traffic, with the M25 also suffering traffic delays between junctions J17 and J16 near Buckinghamshire due to a broken-down vehicle.

The traffic situation affected a large stretch of the M40 and the A404 leading up to the Handy Cross roundabout.

Highways England also reported "congestion" on the M40 southbound between junctions J5 and J4, adding to the travel turmoil.

There are currently delays of 15 minutes against expected traffic.