Thames Water has released sewage into two chalk streams in Buckinghamshire. 

Thames Water issued an alert for potential sewage in River Misbourne and River Chess.

The Amersham Balancing Tanks started overflowing into the River Misbourne on Monday, January 1, at 7.30pm.

The release of sewage and rainwater at the tanks off the A413 London Road East has continued for 19 hours at the time of writing, the water company’s online discharge map showed.

Thames Water said: “Our monitor indicates this storm overflow is currently discharging. This means there could be sewage in this section of the watercourse.”

Another incident was recorded at the Chesham Sewage Works on Tuesday, January 2.

Bucks Free Press: Chesham Sewage Treatment Works on Latimer Road.Chesham Sewage Treatment Works on Latimer Road. (Image: Newsquest)

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The storm overflow began discharging into River Chess at 1.30pm.

The sewage discharge comes after days of persistent rainfall in the area and with more rain expected over the coming days.

Thames Wates uses storm overflows as a permitted safety valve to prevent sewers flooding homes, gardens and streets.

Storm discharge is a mix of rainwater and foul water, including some “untreated sewage” which has been “heavily diluted” by the rainwater, Thames Water said.

Storm overflows operate automatically when the flow levels increase.