Plans for 303 new homes in High Wycombe have been dealt a huge blow as flooding experts have objected to the plans.

Dandara Living has applied for planning permission to convert the dwindling Chilterns Shopping Centre into housing.

The developer’s plans, submitted to Buckinghamshire Council in October, include the partial demolition of the Frogmoor retail hub.

However, the council – the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) – has now objected to the proposed development due to insufficient information about the surface water drainage.

Its response comes after drainage officers reviewed a flood risk assessment, a ground investigation report and other planning documents submitted as part of the application.

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The LLFA said current surface water drainage plans in the application do not comply with planning policy.

It added: “In addition, it is considered that the submitted flood risk assessment report fails to appropriately assess how flood risks from all sources will be managed over the lifetime of development.”

Key sources of flood risk were identified as fluvial floods from the River Wye/Hughenden Stream and surface water floods within the surrounding area of the site.

The LLFA’s response says that the site of the existing shopping centre is defined as at ‘very low’ risk of surface water flooding (less than 0.1per cent chance), according to planning documents.

It adds: “The surrounding roads located along the western and southern boundary of the site, which includes, Frogmoor, Queens Square and Queen Street, are shown to be at high and medium risk of surface water flooding.”