As we’re at the start of January, here are some of the best independent gyms in and around the High Wycombe area based on their Google Reviews.

Titans Gym, Desborough Park Road, High Wycombe

Number: 01494 520 338

Score: 4.7/5 from 96 reviews

Despite not being a 24/7 gym, Titans has a strong customer base and whilst they mainly aim towards weight-lifting, many pieces of equipment focus on cardio.

They also offer classes that focus on martial arts for both children and adults.

This person said: “I’ve been in quite a few gyms and this one is the best by far in terms of weight lifting equipment.

“They have lifting machines I’d never seen before. No stupid rules like chain gyms have.

“Great atmosphere, great music, cheap and dumbbells up to 100kg.

The Fitness Experts High Wycombe, Lancaster Road, High Wycombe

Number: 01494 899 552

Score: 4.9/5 from 47 reviews

This gym offers more than 50 sessions every week, whilst they recommend that members should only take up around two/three every seven days.

They are also known for the longevity of their users, with some being there for more than seven years.

This person took to the internet and said: “The coaches care about their members and ensure that exercises and equipment are used correctly to avoid injury.

“I would recommend particularly if like me you need 'encouragement' to keep going.”

Fit Creatures, Pink Road, Lacey Green

Number: 07598 298 712

Score: 5/5 from four reviews

This gym focuses on personal training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching with classes taking place both inside and outside to help its members.

And despite being relatively new, they have gained a positive reputation amongst their clients.

This member said: “I would highly recommend Fit Creatures and Lewis as a personal trainer.

“I was someone who was always a little exercise shy but now I have found a new passion and the difference it has made to my physical well-being is phenomenal, I never thought I’d say I now enjoy exercise!”

The Gym Joint, Wessex Road, Bourne End

Number: 01628 290 172

Score: 4.8/6 from 67 reviews

Another independent gym that has a strong customer base, the Gym Joint is known for its friendly personal trainers and high-end equipment.

The gym is also one of the few in the region that can be open 24 hours a day if you were to opt for that specific membership.

The gym’s website also shows the body transformation of some of its clients.

This person said: “An excellent gym!

“Very safe and welcoming atmosphere.

“Run by a couple that knows their stuff and some brilliant PTs to assist people at all levels.”

Wild Training/Cross Fit M40, Treadaway Hill, Loudwater

Number 01628 529 294

Score: 4.7/5 from 102 reviews

Offering a range of classes from children to adults, Wild Training has been recognised as one of the best gyms in the country by several national newspapers, whilst television personality Steve Backshall is also a frequent visitor.

This person took to Google and said: “The gym has everything you could need.

“The trainers are all amazing, with so much knowledge of the fitness industry.

“The classes are awesome and have such a variety of things to do for all ages.

“A great atmosphere to train in. Wouldn't want to train anywhere else.”