A STRIKING white fox saved from the fur trade has embraced his new life at a Buckinghamshire farm.

Jasper the white fox lives in Bucks Goat Centre in Stoke Mandeville and has grown in confidence since moving there a year ago.

Initially doubtful of the food and environment, he has now embraced his new setting.

Keeper Jenny Cooke said: "It's been amazing to see Jasper's progress, he is so much more confident, and now eats all the food he needs to stay healthy.

"At first it was really hard to get him to eat proper food, but he's overcome that and so much more too."

Jasper's ancestors were saved from the fur trade and this winter he exhibits a striking fur coat and bushy tail.

Ruth Higgins, who operates Bucks Goat Centre, said: "Sadly fur from foxes like Jasper is still used to line and trim expensive coats, but as you can see it looks far better on the fox.

"We have had so many comments from people visiting about how fluffy he is looking, and it's a good way to tell people about the fur trade, and give it some context with a real animal."

Jenny Cooke plans to further bolster Jasper's confidence in 2024.

She said: "This new year will be about getting him out for a walk on the lead, so he can experience even more of the farm."