A MOTHER whose son died in a bicycle accident says the tragedy has inspired her to run a half marathon out of respect for a bereaved Marlow family.

Sharon Stokvis-Fox, 38, from Hawksmoor Close, Downley, will be pitting herself against the 13 mile course of the Wycombe Half Marathon to show her respect for the family of Harry Mills, who died of meningitis last year aged 11.

However, she said it was her own personal tragedy that motivated her. In August 2006 her 13-year-old son Daniel died following a bicycle crash at the bottom of Downley Hill in High Wycombe.

She said: "I lost my son when he was 13-years-old so I know exactly how that family is feeling."

Then in November 2007 her father William died of a heart attack at the age of 71 after a long illness.

Sharon said that though she was devastated, the staff at the John Hampden Grammar School, where she works as a cleaner, supported her through a tough time.

When Harry Mills died in April last year he was a pupil at the school in Marlow Hill, High Wycombe. As such she decided to dedicate her run to him.

She said: "Everyone at John Hampden have been so brilliant.

"The teachers got together to support me and help me through the bad times.

"I thought that I would do the right thing and put something back into the school."

So far she has raised around £450, which will go to the Meningitis Research Foundation.

Harry's dad Richard, who lives in Institute Road, Marlow, said: "We think it's absolutely wonderful that Sharon is doing the run for Harry.

"She lost her son at around the same time that we lost Harry, and in the context of that we think it's even more amazing."

Sharon will set off from the Rye in High Wycombe at 9.30am on Sunday. The 13.1 mile course will take her up Marlow Hill, across Dawes Hill Lane and back through Flackwell Heath to the Rye.

She said: "I've done a bit of training but I know I can do it because I'll have Harry on my mind.

"I'm going to work hard all this week, work hard on the Saturday and if anyone wants to sponsor me on the day I'll have my forms with me."