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Top: A model of a windmill is in the centre of this group of young girls who are all wearing Dutch costumes. The location may be somewhere in Downley, but this is not known for certain.

Centre left: These children are enjoying a game of pass-the-parcel at a party arranged by the Infantile Paralysis Fellowship in October 1957, but the location is not known.

Centre right: In this photograph taken by Ronald Goodearl, an auctioneer is addressing a group of some 45 potential buyers at a farm sale in February 1958. The location and other details are unknown.

Left: This photograph was taken by local photographer Ronald Goodearl, and here we see a group of happy, smiling children, who are watching some form of entertainment. The five children at the back are known to be from the same family, the Phillips, but details including the date and location are not known.

Above: Here is another photo taken by Ronald Goodearl at the annual dinner of the High Wycombe Professional and Business-Women’s Association in December 1962, but the location is unknown. Perhaps there is a reader who was a member of that Association?