Numerous delays were seen in High Wycombe and the surrounding areas due to several roadworks.

Stoppages in Holmer Green, Hazlemere, various locations within the town centre, Loudwater, Downley, Flackwell Heath and Penn saw many motorists stuck in traffic during the morning rush hour on Tuesday, January 16.

The problems were first noted a week earlier when many of the repairs and maintenance works began south of Buckinghamshire.

One person told the Free Press: “I completely understand that things need to be repaired but I’m getting up earlier and earlier to get into work and I’m still arriving at around the same time.

“It should take me about 15 minutes by car and recently, it took me nearly an hour to go from Hazlemere to Flackwell Heath.

“That’s a crazy amount of time to do a journey roughly five miles or so.

“Last week, I was stuck on Hammersly Lane for about 30 minutes and hardly moved.

“That same week, I was trapped on Sawpit Hill and then Holmer Green Road for about 40 minutes as I couldn’t move.”

Many of the repairs are due to last the month's duration, as many motorists are expected to leave earlier than usual or find alternative routes due to road closures.

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