A MOURNING widow has raised concerns over a Buckinghamshire funeral director for the treatment of her deceased husband after learning that it has been criticised in a recent report. 

Monica Ross says she and her family have been left devastated by the way Dale and Sons Funeral Directors in Denham handled her late husband's body, David Ross, after he died on March 20, 2023.

She said: "We weren't very happy and the state of the room to say our last goodbye, there were no lights, candles or anything. It was just like they dumped him in there.

"I've been to other funerals and seen people passed away before, I was appalled with the circumstances when we got there. "

Dale & Sons has been accused by the National Association of Funeral Directors of severe breaches of conduct including not storing bodies correctly and not preserving the care of deceased people at all times.  

The decision was made by the organisation’s Disciplinary Committee, Chair Linda Ford, Lay member Barry Picken and Funeral Director representatives Abi Pattenden, Emily Houghton and Jim Brodie.

However, the funeral director refutes the expulsion and maintains innocence against these charges.

Monica Ross, their son Matt Ross, his partner Mandy and daughter Gemma desired the services of Arnold Funeral Service in Loudwater but were unable to due to the specifics and cost of David's plan.Bucks Free Press: Order of service

Monica and Matt from Holmer Green have come forward arguing that David was not accorded the "dignity and respect" he deserved.

Bucks Free Press: David Ross

Matt said: "It was devastating to see my father like that.  We went in to pay our respects and a person told us 'we can't get his eyes or mouth shut'

"My mum was married to him 50 years, to be with your loved one for that long and have a stranger ramming his mouth shut and eyes is soul destroying. 

"I had to go outside and breathe a breath of fresh air as I was gobsmacked at what I heard."

In addition to concerns over David's resting place, the family is equally distraught by the perceived negligence in covering David's body, with Matt observing that his father's body lay on a 'hospital bed' under a carelessly placed blanket rather than in a temporary coffin.

Bucks Free Press: Order of service with a photo of Monica and David Ross

Despite their grievances, Matt also pointed out that the actual funeral was conducted smoothly: "On a positive note they did do everything we asked and the day went to plan.

"They even reversed the hearse into the drive as mum asked them to drive through Penn Street where they lived with mum's parents, even stopping outside the house where they lived at 9 Pennwood View then onto the crematorium."

However, the family stated that it has been difficult to erase the upsetting memory of the viewing process.

Bucks Free Press: Dale and Sons Funeral Directors

In response, Dale and Sons reject these claims outright and insist that the chapel of rest is suitably decorated.

The company's spokesperson defended the firm's position: "To be clear the family did not wish for the husband to be embalmed therefore they were informed that his eyes and mouth were open which is standard practice to inform so that families are not shocked by this.

"Families when viewing would not see their family member in a coffin as if someone is not embalmed they must remain in cold storage and cannot remain in the chapel, therefore when this is the case deceased are brought in a covered viewing trolley which may or may not have been a blue cover."

The spokesperson concluded: "The family were looked after and were happy with the services provided and did not raise any issues."