Two brothers with a ‘unique’ show about mental health and gardening are coming to Buckinghamshire soon. 

Brothers Jake and Warren Oldershaw have created an uplifting play about why we all could do with more horticulture in our lives.

The Head Gardener is now on its third year of touring the UK and next its coming to Buckinghamshire libraries for nine shows from February 19.

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Jake said: “Traditionally men and boys have been taught to internalise problems and emotions, but these days blokes are learning to become a lot more emotionally literate. We hope that sharing this personal story, of two brothers negotiating mental health difficulties, is a step in that direction.”

Alongside personal tales of the benefits of gardening for mental health, they also share stories and songs of different projects, plants and species and bring into a life a beautiful garden created during each performance.  

Jake continued: "Too many people, particularly men, suffer mental difficulties in silence. It’s really important to be social, and share our problems. Getting outdoors, maybe in a community allotment or as a garden volunteer, can be a great way to do this - if you don’t fancy a chat you can always immerse yourself in a bit of digging and it’ll still do you good!" 

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