Several shop owners and residents in a Buckinghamshire village have had their say on a power cut that has impacted the area.

At around 8.50 on Friday, January 19, the HP15 section of Holmer Green was hit by a ‘sudden and unexpected’ loss of power.

It is the fourth one to hit the civil parish since October, with many residents and shopkeepers expressing their frustrations over the sudden disappearance of electricity.

One person, who works at a local fruit and veg stand in the area said ‘it was a pain in the a**e but what can do you?’

Bucks Free Press: Nathan's Fruit and Veg is based in the villageNathan's Fruit and Veg is based in the village (Image: NQ)

They explained: “I’m grateful that we’ve got two tills as one of them is very old so we can still take money in and out.

“If we didn’t have that, then we wouldn’t be able to sell anything.”

Another person in the area said: “I do my weekly shop on a Friday at the Spar but it looks like I’m going to have to hop on the bus and head into Missenden.

“I’m not sure why this keeps happening.”

Bucks Free Press: Rennie Grove only take card paymentsRennie Grove only take card payments (Image: NQ)

The village’s Rennie Grove Hospice Charity Shop also spoke about the potential problems the power cut caused them, with the not-for-profit organisation being a cashless establishment.

One volunteer said: “The loss of power does cause us problems as we can’t use the till, and we can’t print off any of the Gift Aid tags.”

They confirmed that if any customers were to purchase something from the store during the power cut, they would accept cash.

A statement from the UK Power Network said: “We are aware of an unexpected power cut in the HP15 area.

“As this outrage was unplanned, we did not know it was going to happen so providing you with prior notice was not possible.”

The electricity returned roughly an hour later.

Bucks Free Press: Shoppers wait outside Spar in the coldShoppers wait outside Spar in the cold (Image: NQ)

History of power cuts

We first reported back in the autumn how a loss of power occurred in the evening of October 16, with the electricity being off for roughly two hours.

This took place in the evening, which impacted two restaurants in South Hill Fish and Chips and Holmer Green Kebabs, who admitted to discarding produce due to not having electricity.

Two more losses of power occurred in November within 24 hours, with the January 16 episode being the fourth occasion in three months.