A window cleaner is helping motorists in Buckinghamshire drive more safely by sprucing up dirty road signs.

Stuart Walker from Penn, High Wycombe has been keeping the community clean and tidy cleaning one road sign at a time.

Whilst he's out and about in his van driving to clients houses, Stuart makes some stops on the way to clean dirty road signs.

Bucks Free Press: Signs being cleaned in Hazlemere

The We Wet Window cleaning business owner said: "We have started to notice some of the road signs don’t seem to have been cleaned for quite a while, with some not even readable or with stickers stuck all over them.

"We take pride in the appearance of where we live as do a lot of people in the area and we just thought it would be a nice thing to do for the community as there doesn’t seem to be anyone cleaning these signs regularly.

"There are lot of signs we would love to clean but unfortunately some are in places that would be dangerous for us to stop. Before we take on the challenge of cleaning the signs we assess the area first for safety and only attempt to clean them if it is safe to do so.

"We feel that anything that can put a smile on the face of our local community is a good thing. We have the equipment needed to reach the signs so why not tidy the place up a little."

Stuart thinks if everyone in the community did one small thing the area would be a better place to live in.

He also said: "Some may say the council should be cleaning these signs as that’s what we pay our council tax for but as we all know there have been a lot of budget cuts for councils and it seems the cleaning of road signs has started to get neglected much like the roads with all the pot holes.

"So if we are able to clean say, signs around a school reminding drivers to slow down to make them more noticeable then our children are safer and the area looks tidier."

Stuart has asked members of the public to get in touch with him if they see dirty road signs.