Convicted paedophile teacher, Kandice Barber, 38, has received a lifetime ban from teaching after grooming a 15-year-old boy.

Barber was sentenced to six years and two months in prison last year following a heated trial that sent shockwaves through the sleepy town of Wendover, Buckinghamshire.

The supply teacher was found guilty of grooming her young victim before having sexual intercourse with him in a secluded field.

The court head that Barber added herself to the boy’s Snapchat in September 18 and within a week the messages became explicit.

She also sent a topless picture of herself to the boy and her sexual acts were uncovered by staff at Princes Risborough School when the photo made its rounds, eventually landing on the headteacher's desk.

The Judge presiding the case called her actions 'beyond despicable'. 

During her trial at Amersham Law Courts, the jury heard how she threatened the boy by telling him she would “bring him down with her” if their relationship was exposed.

Barber infamously taunted the boy, messaging him during school hours with comments such as, 'You cannot make me blush while I am teaching now, poker face lol'.

The teaching profession permanently stripped Barber of her teaching rights yesterday, a move supported by her ex-husband Danny Barber who told MailOnline: "Her disqualification from teaching is exactly what any parent would expect to happen, no other outcome would have been tolerated."

He added that Barber’s misdeeds have "devastated so many lives", and emphasised that she was "no loss to the profession" after her cruel treatment of the teenage boy and his family.

The Teaching Regulation Agency stated that Barber's behaviour towards the child was a "gross breach of trust and abuse of position".

Chair of the panel, Susanne Staab, said: "The sexual communications included a video of her engaging in sexual activity, and a message containing a sexual innuendo sent while they were both in school, during which Ms Barber referred to teaching him".

Sarah Buxcey, representing the Education Secretary, revealed that the panel’s final decision weighed the public interest over Ms Barber's interests, adding: "Her conduct was so egregious and harmful as to be fundamentally incompatible with her being allowed to teach in the future."