Locals of Buckinghamshire have been voting on what they think are the poshest areas of the town.

Many pointed directly to places like Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, and the villages of Seer Green, Great Kingshill, Great Missenden.

Lauren Begley said: "Beaconsfield or Gerrards Cross".

Maz Everley supported her claim: "Lauren Begley definitely Gerard’s cross".

"Gerrards Cross! All the houses have their own roundabouts," joked Gina Hull.

Buckinghamshire local Trish Baldwin also pitched in with support for Gerrards cross, whilst Darren Adkins recommended Penn.

However, Gerrards Cross wasn't the only frontrunner.

Other readers threw in a diverse range of suggestions, from the wealthy Chequers and Aylesbury, labelled as the "jewel in the crown of Buckinghamshire" by Derek Collins, to the tight-knit villages of the Jordans by Liz Penemo.

Oliver Stemp countered with Chesham, while Maurice Fryer voiced support for Desborough Road in High Wycombe.

Interestingly, some readers mentioned locations not typically associated with prestige or wealth.

Snippets of humour emerged in suggestions like Lane End, Micklefield, Saunderton, and even a cheeky remark by John Ford: "My house".

Jon Tierney offered some economically-based insights, stating: "Jordan’s Village Beaconsfield just on house prices alone followed by Gerrards Cross—big money areas!"

The range of responses was diverse and readers seemed to root for their own areas.

Kamil Dziki jokingly suggested Beaconsfield Services.

Despite the debates and differing opinions, there also was a playful undertone to the discussion.

Amidst the jesting and sincere suggestions, one thing was clear: the residents of Buckinghamshire have a deep-seated love and pride for their county.

Whether it be the grandeur of Beaconsfield or the hidden charms of Chesham, they find prestige in their own special corners of this sprawling county.