Despite living a ‘few seconds away’ from a petrol station, a Buckinghamshire driver has revealed they have started to travel around 14 miles to get ‘much cheaper fuel’.

The resident, who wants to remain anonymous, currently lives a stone’s throw away from Holmer Green’s Breeze fuel stop – a regular location for when they need to refill their car.

However, they recently discovered that a petrol station in Wendover, nearly seven miles away, is offering the same fuel but nearly 8p cheaper per litre.

Bucks Free Press: The Ash Service Station is in Wendover The Ash Service Station is in Wendover (Image: NQ)

Upon discovering this, they have now started to make the trek from South Buckinghamshire to Central Buckinghamshire to save money.

When asked if this was counterproductive due to the amount of time and petrol that would be used to get to Wendover, the driver responded: “I can see why people would think that, but I don’t think it is.

“In and around Wycombe, I’ve seen fuel prices range from £1.41p to £1.46p per litre in recent weeks.

“The Ash Service Station in Wendover was selling petrol at £1.35p.

“This is a huge difference in comparison to the ones in and around the town.

“It’s also relative to how much you travel.

“I think it’s better to use cheaper fuel but I also think it’s out of convenience.

Bucks Free Press: The current price of petrol is one of the cheapest in BucksThe current price of petrol is one of the cheapest in Bucks (Image: NQ)

“I live a few seconds away from a garage and I’ve used them from time to time.

“But when I saw that the one in Wendover was around 7/8p cheaper, it made sense to go and use them as I know I’d be saving money in the long term.

It’s not the first time that someone from the county has decided to trek several miles for cheaper fuel.

In November last year, we reported how Graham McGregor said ‘it made sense’ to drive from his home in Beaconsfield to Aylesbury, as the latter were offering more affordable prices to the former.

He described the move for himself as ‘financially beneficial.’

According to, the Wendover station is currently the cheapest venue to get your petrol in south and central Buckinghamshire, with the price being £1.35.7p*

*This is based on the time of writing and could change*