A kebab takeaway in High Wycombe has been given a low food hygiene rating.

Hygiene inspectors have given Holmer Green Kebabs the second lowest rating possible after an unannounced inspection.

The takeaway shop at 7 Turners Place in Holmer Green High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, received an overall hygiene rating of 1, indicating that major improvements are necessary.

The inspection, which took place on December 18, 2023, highlighted several areas of concern.

The hygienic handling of food, which could entail preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling, and storage, was deemed in need of some improvement.

The cleanliness and condition of the facilities and building were similarly critiqued, with inspectors suggesting improvement in areas including appropriate layout, ventilation, handwashing facilities, and pest control.

Perhaps most concerning was the food safety officer's confidence in the establishment.

The checks put in place by the outlet to ensure that food sold or served is safe to eat, and that staff are well-informed about food safety, were scrutinised and found to be in major need of improvement.

The distribution of hygiene ratings in the area provides further context.

According to data, none of the establishments have a hygiene rating of 0.

Only 0.7 per cent have a hygiene rating of 1, like Holmer Green Kebabs.

Furthermore, 1.2 per cent of businesses have a rating of 2, 4.5 per cent a rating of 3, 14.2 per cent a rating of 4, and a majority of 68.6 per cent have achieved the highest rating of 5.

A small fraction, 3.4 per cent of establishments are exempt, and 7.3 per cent have a rating pending inspection.

Food hygiene ratings serve as a vital tool to ensure the safety and quality of food outlets in the United Kingdom.

They are determined via rigorous inspections conducted by local authorities, examining various factors such as food handling, cleanliness, and management practices.

The ratings range from 0 (in need of urgent improvement) to 5 (very good), offering consumers valuable insights when selecting eateries, thereby promoting public health.