The fate of staff at ASDA petrol station in High Wycombe has been revealed following the closure of its kiosks.

Last week, the supermarket giant confirmed that it will no longer be supplying LPG fuel, recommending customers to visit alternative nearby stations. 

Many customers like to use LPG as it's typically half the price of petrol and is recognised as a versatile low-carbon fuel.

The removal of LPG is part of ASDA's refurbishment plan at the petrol pump located on Crest Road.

There will be contactless payment facilities as part of the refurbishment.

However, residents and drivers have speculated that the removal of LPG will lead to staff losing their jobs, not only in High Wycombe, but across the UK.

Dennis McKenzie said: "They are also removing the payment kiosks making the staff redundant. This is happening to all Asda stores throughout the UK.

"I don’t know how much effort you want to put into this cause to support LPG drivers, but there are tens of  thousands more people who are being affected by the same situation across the country."

ASDA has confirmed that their staff will not be losing jobs.

An ASDA spokesman said: "No colleagues will be losing their jobs. As more than 90% of all payments on our superstore forecourts are made via card or a contactless device, the colleagues who worked on these sites are moving into the store so they can better serve our customers."