Three separate amenities in High Wycombe and Loudwater have expressed their thoughts on the current roadworks both areas of Buckinghamshire are experiencing.

Since the start of 2024, numerous repairs in and amongst the town, along with its surrounding areas, have been spotted, with these maintenance works causing huge traffic delays.

Queues along the London Road, Hammersley Lane, Rayners Avenue, Amersham Hill and Crendon Street have created waits of up to nearly an hour, as students have been late for school whilst commuters have been late for work.

Bucks Free Press: The traffic problems began at the start of this monthThe traffic problems began at the start of this month (Image: NQ)

One of the local businesses that has been severely impacted by the disruption is the Millhouse Dental Practice in Loudwater.

Situated right along the London Road which connects to Station Road, many patients and dentists have been late to their respective appointments this month due to roadworks.

A member of staff told the Free Press: “It has impacted us.

“People have had to reschedule appointments which has caused a lot of distress for them.

“For us, we get collections daily for our lab work, so we’ve had an insane lack of deliveries compared to usual.

Bucks Free Press: A dentist in Loudwater has seen patients miss their appointments due to the trafficA dentist in Loudwater has seen patients miss their appointments due to the traffic (Image: Google Maps)

“DPD have said that the road was closed so they couldn’t pick up from us and that too has an impact.

“Sometimes we’re just waiting to see if a patient can arrive as we’re so busy at the moment.”

Along with the dentists, schools have also been hit by heavy traffic.

Many pupils across the area have been late to class, which includes those who attend the Loudwater Combined School along Kingsmead Road.

Teachers have also missed their 9am starts.

A spokesperson said: “Some members of staff and students have been late but we have just to make do with what’s happening.

Bucks Free Press: Loudwater Combined School have also been impactedLoudwater Combined School have also been impacted (Image: Google Maps)

“Whenever we get roadworks, there is always an impact as people leave at the time that they leave but you can sit in traffic for another half-an-hour or so and of course, children will turn up late.

“Parents do call in to say that they’ll be late so that they can inform us where the child is.

“If the child is late, they’ll be put down as late on the register if it’s their fault or not as we need to make sure where the child is.

“Also, we can’t say they’re in the school at the time of registration when they’re not.”

Despite the heavy traffic causing disruption, not everyone has been hit by the delays as a member of staff from High Wycombe’s Kwik Fit revealed ‘it hasn’t been too much of an issue’.

They said: “Given the nature of the industry that we work in, it is expected that people will be late.

Bucks Free Press: The Kwik Fit in Wycombe also spoke about the issuesThe Kwik Fit in Wycombe also spoke about the issues (Image: Google Maps)

“It is what it is but I haven’t seen a huge rise in it.

“I know it can be a nightmare for customers to get in and out of the centre, especially on the roundabout near where we, but other than that, we’ve not had that many problems.

“Other than the crash that happened in the town on that Sunday a few weeks back, everyone has been able to drop off their cars in and around the traffic.

“Our car park gets full up quickly, we have a lot of customers and I still hit my target so it can’t be impacting us that bad.”

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