MANY have recalled their fond memories of 'Woolies' as rumours begin to circulate regarding a potential return of the much-loved retailer to High Wycombe.

Woolworths closed its UK shops in 2009 following the financial crisis leaving many shoppers across the country heartbroken.

Current HH Holding chief Roman Heini has given fans of the retailer new hope of seeing it return to British high streets after he said the UK remains on its "bucket lists".

The Bucks Free Press's readers have greeted the news with delight and anticipation at the potential return of the former high street staple.

Speaking on what they miss most about Woolworths, residents from across Buckinghamshire highlighted the shop's wide selection of pick n mix.

Lauren Begley said: "It has to have the pick n mix section otherwise it just won’t be the same."

Woolworth Germany told the BBC: "The brand name 'Woolworth' (without the 's') is owned by us throughout Europe. Should we ever plan to return to the UK, we would scrutinise the naming rights to minimise the risk of confusion. A transfer of rights could help if necessary."

A spokesperson said it "unable to confirm any plans for Woolworth to return to the UK market" but did not rule out a move.

"Britain is on his [Roman Heini's] bucket list, although nothing is imminent," a spokesperson added.

“It may be in the mix for the mid- or long-term future."

We asked residents whether they want to see 'Woolies' return to High Wycombe and whilst some were sceptical, many were positive.

James Young said: "100% yes, however, is it really viable right now?

"Extortionate business rates, poor footfall due to the cost of living & competition from the likes of B&M and Poundland.

"As nice as it would be to see Woolies return, and seeing what happened to Wilko, I just don't see it being the success it once was."

David Upton echoed this by saying, "how would it be more economically viable than previously?"

Whilst other's seemed more excited for its potential return, including Trish Baldwin who said: "Yes I would definitely it is much missed."

Lynne De La Haye added: "I really hope so. Amazing store when we had ours along the High Street. Let's keep our fingers crossed"

Hazel Howe said the return of Woolies "would be fantastic", whilst Hayley Mason said it "was one of the best shops we had." 

One former Woolworths employee jokingly said: "Say what now? Do I need to dust off my old uniform?"