A Buckinghamshire business owner who runs the only company of its kind in the United Kingdom has provided the Free Press with an update on how things have progressed in the last 12 months.

Bradley Strevens, who is the proprietor of the online Football League Store which is headquartered in Chalfont St Peter, spoke to us in January 2023 about why dabbled into the market along with the highs and lows of owning your own company.

The shop, which was established in January 2022, sells shirts that focus on each of the 72 EFL teams from Accrington Stanley down to Wycombe Wanderers, with the jerseys being from the recent season to roughly 30 years old.

They also cater to teams who were once part of the Football League but have since been promoted to the Premier League or relegated to the Non League.

However, whilst he admitted that the business ‘has grown’, some shirt sales can be dependent on how well that team is currently performing, regardless of how old the kit is.

Bradley told the Free Press: “Things have continued to grow over in that time to the point where we have expanded the ranges and have got items for clubs that we didn’t have before.

“Any increase in good performances for one club is more than likely going to increase the sales for that one club.

“For example, you look at Coventry and in recent years they’ve struggled with issues off the pitch but they are on the up.

“Last year when they reached the Championship play-off final, there was a period where Coventry shirts were going through the roof.

“It started via a fan who shared my website in a Coventry City Facebook group so I’m very grateful to him.

“They saw my reviews and gave me a go and that was one of my record days so I’m grateful to the Coventry fans.

“So I believe shirt sales are impacted by the club’s performances, 100 per cent.”

One benefit for Bradley is that with his business being so close to High Wycombe, enquiries for Chairboys shirts are a frequent occurrence.

Additionally, the success of his shirt venture has seen him enter the elite football market, which sees him sell top-of-the-range footwear.

He continued: “Being near High Wycombe and of course Wycombe Wanderers, we have a consistent amount of sales.

“At the moment, results haven’t been but we still get orders for Wycombe shirts and they are from years when results were a lot more positive.

“Also, people can lose interest if their team isn’t doing so well so I understand that plays a part, but I’m very grateful to the Wycombe fans for their support.”

Finally, on supporting local business, he concluded: “We are the only shop that solely focuses on EFL kits in the country.

“It’s so important to support a local business, as we try our best to be the cheapest available which isn’t always the easiest but we want to help our customers.”

For more information, go to www.thefootballleaguestore.com.