A BRAZEN man has been fined thousands of pounds for flytipping outside people's homes in Beaconsfield.

Jordan Louis Acton, aged 32, of Ernest Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, pleaded guilty for dumping rubbish in the middle of the road on Christmas Day 2022.

The local residents were outraged by the dumped rubbish in Windsor End and reported the incident to Buckinghamshire Council.

Acton's case was heard at High Wycombe Magistrates Court on January 25, 2024.  The case had been delayed due to a change of address which saw Acton fail to attend an earlier hearing and his subsequent arrest in Surrey.

The court heard how on December 25, 2022, a commercial truck load of waste was dumped at the roadside near houses and offices on Windsor End in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. 

Vigilant local residents examined the dumped waste and found traceable details which were later investigated by an enforcement officer from Buckinghamshire Council’s fly-tipping enforcement team. 

Local residents and businesses checked their domestic and commercial CCTV systems and helped confirm the description of the offending vehicle.

The description was referred to Thames Valley Police who subsequently identified the vehicle. The details found in the dumped waste were traced to waste which the producer confirmed was removed by Acton and he was identified as the registered keeper of the vehicle seen carrying and depositing the waste.

Acton was interviewed by enforcement officers from the council but gave ‘no comment’ responses to questions.

High Wycombe magistrates fined Acton £693 and awarded full clean-up and investigation costs to Buckinghamshire Council who brought the prosecution, to a total of £1,838.70. 

A victim surcharge of £277 was also imposed meaning that Acton has to pay a total of £2,808.70.

Thomas Broom, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment said: “Criminal commercial fly-tipping of this kind will never be tolerated in Buckinghamshire.

"What is more, to have the audacity to carry out this fly-tip outside people’s homes on Christmas Day, when they were enjoying time with their family and friends is despicable. We will not hesitate to bring these criminals to justice.”

Thomas continued: “We are grateful for the diligence of our local residents who helped move the waste out of the road where it had been dumped, examined it for evidence and provided CCTV footage in support of this prosecution. 

"We also thank Thames Valley Police for their ongoing and crucial support with our investigation work. 

"Buckinghamshire Council maintains a Zero Tolerance position against these environmental crimes and seeks the highest penalties available on every successful detection.”