Plans to build a 20m 5G mast at a Bucks bowling club have been put forward by EE, Three and Mobile Broadband Network Limited.

The proposed ‘monopole’ would be constructed at Flackwell Heath Bowling Club, Straight Bit, High Wycombe.

Attached to the mast – or base station – would be six supporting antennas, four dishes and ‘cabinets’.

All this would be surrounded by a “secure” 2.4m high fence with shark tooth spikes, while the lower equipment would be “partly screened” by an existing toilet block.

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The existing telecommunications equipment serving the area was located on the former Budgens supermarket – or Aries House.

However, the provider was served formal legal notices to remove the apparatus resulting in a network “coverage gap”, according to EE, Three and MBNL.

The telecommunications giants say their plan will maintain and enhance network coverage for the local area.

They write: “Base stations use radio signals to connect mobile devices and phones to the network, enabling people to send and receive calls, texts, emails, pictures, web, TV and downloads.

“Without base stations, mobiles devices and phones will not work.”

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks, which is up to 100 times faster than 4G and has reduced latency – or delay.

The cutting-edge wireless technology allows people to for example download a full-length HD movie to a phone in seconds.