A residents consultation has been put forward after those based in a Buckinghamshire village debate about having a community café.

Loose plans have been put forward to open the hub at the Holmer Green Sports Association by May this year, with it being available to the public on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, ‘to serve residents and passing trade’.

Organised by Social Link, which is a charity that helps over 18s in the county with learning disabilities, the café aims to offer ‘real-life work experience’ for its members in the not-for-profit business.

And those running the project are asking residents in Holmer Green and the surrounding areas to send in their thoughts about the potential café being launched.

In a flyer that was sent to those within the village, it reads: “Much of the appeal of Holmer Green rests in the sense of community and is the reason many people have moved here and remained here.

“The presence of a community café would, we feel, greatly enhance that community spirit and would provide local residents with an informal but important connection with the world beyond their front door.”

A survey for those based in the area will be collected the week beginning of February 19.