Libby Squire's mother has said her 'heart goes out' to the parents of Nottingham students Grace O'Malley Kumar and Barnaby Webber after their killer avoided jail.

Mrs Squire, the mother of 2019 victim, Libby Squire, compared her experience upon learning her daughter had been murdered by Pavel Relowicz, to the 'agony' the parents of the recent victims must have felt.

Lisa’s daughter, a University of Hull student at the time, was killed by Relowicz who disposed of her body in the Humber Estuary, causing a 48-day massive manhunt.

O'Malley Kumar, Webber and Coates were each merely 19-years-old when killed by Valdo Calocane, a paranoid schizophrenic.

Lisa Squire said: "My heart goes out to the parents of Grace O'Malley Kumar and Barnaby Webber".

Expressing understanding, she empathised with the immense pain their parents must be enduring.

Mrs Squire criticised the sentences of both killers, arguing that murderers 'should forfeit their freedom and spend the rest of their life in prison'.

She expressed her own extreme loss, stating: 'If someone kills your child, you want the worst possible punishment for them.'

Calocane pleaded guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility. Miraculously, he also avoided jail for the attempted murder of three other pedestrians who encountered his reckless driving last June 13.

As a result, he was given a secure hospital order rather than imprisonment.

Relowicz's sentence was also the subject of her criticism, due to his eligibility for parole at age 51.

Lisa Squire shared her distress saying: "He can have a life, find a new partner, go on holiday, drive a car: all things Libby will never get the chance to do.

Further complaint from Mrs Squire resulted from Relowicz's refusal to meet under a restorative justice programme she engaged in 2022.

She explained past attempts to meet the murderer, only to have him object to the way she has portrayed him 'as a bad person' in the media.

Despite the refusal, she remains committed to uncovering the details, saying: "I want my children and my grandchildren to know I did everything I could to find out what happened to Libby."

She expressed painful curiosity over the last moments of her daughter, adding: "Nothing he can tell me can be worse than what goes on in my imagination."