The owner of a fish and chip shop in Great Missenden has revealed their delight after their business passed a recent food hygiene inspection.

The Fish and Mangal, which is situated along Station Approach in the town, had been given a one following an examination in October 2023, dropping down from a four.

Owner Hakan Kandemir said that the low score was down to ‘paperwork issues’, and that he and his business ‘didn’t deserve’ the rating.

However, a reinspection at the start of January has given the business owner much to cheer about, as his chip shop has been given a five out of five.

Bucks Free Press: The chip shop opened in March 2022The chip shop opened in March 2022 (Image: NQ)

He said: “I’m so happy.

“We had some paperwork issues and we did everything that was asked of us.

"The inspector came over to see us for about half an hour and she was very happy.

“They said we deserved the five-star and I’m delighted.

“I know how I work, as I work very hard to make sure that customers are happy with the food that we produce.

“If there is a piece of bread that I am not happy with, I will not give it to my customers.

“I take this job very seriously as I care a lot about doing my job well.”

The businessman also admitted that the announcement of the low score did ‘impact’ his business, but suggested that loyal customers had ‘shown him support’ during the last four months.

The Fish and Mangal has been in Great Missenden since March 2022 and is in a prime location due to be based near the town’s train station.

Hakan continued: " I wasn’t here when the last inspection took place as I was opening another business in Leighton Buzzard.

"I left it to my colleagues but some bits of paperwork were short which led to our low score.

“But I’m so happy about the five-star as I never deserved the one-star.

“I have been in this business for about 15/16 years and I’ve never had a one-star before, so seeing it was a shock.

“We get a lot of customers and the low score wasn’t good for me.

“Everything is fresh because, for me, I hate working in dirty kitchens.

“Everything needs to be clean so I want my food to be good.”

Scoring table

0 – Urgent improvement is necessary

1 – Major improvements are necessary

2 – Improvements necessary

3 – Business generally satisfactory

4 – Business good on assessment

5 – Business is seen as very good