HACKERS have published 'sensitive personal data relating to a large number of people connected' to a school in Buckinghamshire on the dark web.

Confidential documents from The Misbourne school in Great Missenden have been leaked online by hackers, the school has confirmed.

The hefty data release was reported on January 23 when the school fell victim to an orchestrated cyber assault.

This impacted the server and the main Management Information System.

Despite informing the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), National Cyber Security Centre, police and local authority, the public sector institution was still compromised, with data theft from the server.

In the wake of the attack, measures were implemented promptly to counter and expel the malicious software, and the system was restored.

An evaluation of the network was conducted by cybersecurity specialists.

The school community was notified last week of stolen documents by the cyber invaders.

Alarmingly, the criminals have exposed sensitive personal information relating to a larger school population on the secret online black market, the dark web.

The school’s spokesperson confirmed, apologising for the unfortunate incident.

Mr Rich Peters said: "We know this will cause concern to members of our community and we are very sorry for this."

The focus is now on resolving the issue and keeping updates flowing as factual findings emerge.

The priority is to establish who all have been impacted by this important data breach.

While there is no solid evidence of stolen passwords, as a safety measure, all individuals related to The Misbourne are advised to change their online passwords. This includes email, apps, and websites.

To alleviate risks, families are also tasked with helping their children update passwords on personal gadgets.