A young couple who appeared on a popular TV show have been slammed for having £850,000 to spend on a property.

This week, Escape to the Countryside followed engaged couple Anna and Jack who shared their desire to own a four-bedroom home in Buckinghamshire.

Fans of the show BBC show were shocked to learn they had nearly £1m to do it, saying they wanted ‘plenty of outdoor space, four bedrooms, a utility room, and a large kitchen.’.

The couple already own individual flats in St Albans, but were now ready to trade their lives in for the countryside for their first home together.

However, Anna, a civil servant, and Jack, a consultant, have since been dubbed ‘privileged’ and ‘spoiled’ by viewers, prompting them to reveal just how they came into the truckload of cash.

Speaking to The Mirror, they said: "While I consider this to be largely a private matter, to quell the “mummy and daddy” nonsense, I will say that we inherited in circumstances nobody would choose, and recognise that we are very fortunate to earn salaries that we can leverage.’

Jack also condemned property prices in the UK, insisting that it’s merely impossible for first-time buyers to purchase a home without a huge budget.

He added: "Our budget buys a small apartment in most of London, where 9 million people live. This is just plain wrong."

Jack urged people to redirect their anger to politicians who have ignored the housing crisis for far too long.

"We are in election year, and yet neither Sunak nor Starmer have even a hint of a housing plan", Jack added.

Shocked viewers took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: ‘Mums got escape to the country on and a couple younger than me have just rocked up with a budget of £850,000 for their first home and let me tell you, the deep guttural ‘oh f** right off’ I just let out could be heard from space."

Another fumed: ‘Don’t you hate it when 20 somethings have 850k at their disposal? "Where’s the life suffering before success? 800,000 average price in Buckinghamshire.

"UK housing prices are obscene. Half a mil for a terraced property. They need a 30 per cent haircut. #escapetothecountry."