Several Buckinghamshire business have revealed their frustration after heavy rain and flooding have caused numerous disruptions.

Occupants in Chalfont St Peter have been severely impacted by the adverse weather conditions that hit the village on Friday, February 9.

This caused the civil parish’s main car park in Market Place to be closed off, as maintenance workers from Thames Water continued to flush the excess liquid out of the area.

The issues took place on the same day when the village’s South Bucks Hospice charity shop opened, leaving the occasion to be poorly attended due to the wet weather and diversions.

Bucks Free Press: The Market Place car park was shut on February 9, and has remained shut sinceThe Market Place car park was shut on February 9, and has remained shut since (Image: NQ)

Additionally, several other businesses in the vicinity have also been impacted.

A volunteer from the Helen & Douglas House charity shop told the Free Press: “We are not getting donations, customers or business.

“It’s very difficult it is now the half-term, so the shop would usually be busy, but it’s not.

Bucks Free Press: The water was very deep in Chalfont St PeterThe water was very deep in Chalfont St Peter (Image: NQ)

“The car park being closed has impacted us so hopefully things get better soon.”

Pamela March, who owns the clothes store ‘Pop & Moo ’, also told the Free Press that whilst the situation is ‘frustrating,’ she empathises with the maintenance workers from Thames Water.

Bucks Free Press: The car park was completely empty on February 9 The car park was completely empty on February 9 (Image: NQ)

At the time of writing, works are continuing to try and clear water from the road, which will then lead to the Market Place car park reopening.

She said: “My business has been impacted as customers can’t reach the car park.

“We would usually get some passing trade from those visiting Marks & Spencer but we’ve not had that recently.

Bucks Free Press: The village was badly impacted The village was badly impacted (Image: NQ)

“We feel helpless as there’s not a lot we can do so it’s frustrating.

“However, we can see what they [the maintenance workers] need to do, so we emphasize with them as they have reoccurring jobs to try and fix this.”

The businesswoman also wanted to thank her loyal customers for the support they have shown since opening her shop nearly six years ago.

She continued: “We’ve had a lot of support from our fantastic and loyal customers.

“We’re so grateful for our customers who are coming in during this difficult time.”

The owner of Yaprack, a Turkish restaurant in the village, added: “We had about four inches of water in the shop, and I think some of it was sewage.

“We haven’t been able to trade and I had to cancel 160 bookings over the weekend.

“People are asking ‘are we open?’ so I’m in a bad position as I don’t know what to do.

“This is bad, I feel frustrated.”

Bucks Free Press: The High Street was closed on Friday, February 9 The High Street was closed on Friday, February 9 (Image: NQ)

During the weekend, many commuters were seen either taking alternative routes to head into Chalfont St Peter or avoiding the village as a whole due to the flooding.

Diversions, road closures and the car parking not being fully accessible led to the village being quieter than usual over February 9, 10 and 11, with Thames Water expected to remain in the civil parish for several more days.

It is also alleged by several local businesses that the flooding is primarily down to the River Misbourne overflowing.

In a Facebook post that was shared by the Chalfont St Peter Chamber of Commerce, they have recommended members of the public to report any flooding issues via the Thames Water website.

To do so, visit