Gavin and Stacey fans are excited about a comeback for the hit sitcom.

However, there is still no official confirmation from BBC Studios, inciting an atmosphere of suspense and excitement.

Hollywood A-lister James Corden has recently departed The Late Late Show where he presented the American talk show since 2015.

It forms part of his move back to the UK, with plans to move into an £8million mansion near Henley, close to his hometown of Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire.

Last year, James Corden was given permission by Wokingham Borough Council to transform Templecombe House, a 1960s home which had fallen into disrepair on the outskirts of Henley, with a modern art deco mansion. The star will move back to the area with wife Julia and their three children.

The news, reported Tuesday by US TV and film website Deadline sparked a flurry of speculation about a potential one-off special due to air this December.

Despondently, co-creator Ruth Jones dissolved the hype, referring to the announcement as "sadly a rumour".

In a discussion on RTE Radio 1, she disclosed: "[James Corden and I] would happily announce it, if there was something to say on that front."

Adding further to speculation, cast members admitted to being in the loop not more than the public.

Steffan Rhodri, portraying Dave, confessed on Morning Live that he had "no knowledge to impart".

Still, TV critic Scott Bryan surmises that it could be "a bit too early" for anything definitive about an episode supposed to occur this Christmas.

"I would expect an announcement more around April, May or June", he conjectured.

Press reports have circulated that a bidding war for Gavin and Stacey's return may be in play, with Netflix reportedly attempting to nab it from the BBC.

Jones humorously questioned: "Who is this source?", drawing attention to the anonymous nature of the claim.

Bryan mooted that the leak might be a strategy to stimulate interest, or simply that Deadline obtained the information through credible channels.

The allure for a streaming platform is obvious, given Gavin and Stacey's Christmas special in 2019 was the most viewed scripted TV programme of the 2010s, attracting 17.1 million viewers.

This marked it as the most popular comedy since the Only Fools and Horses special in 2002, viewed by 17.4 million.

Rachel Aroesti, TV critic for the Guardian, highlighted that for the BBC it is one of their "biggest shows.

"You understand why they'd want to keep it".

Meanwhile, James Corden, fresh from host duties on The Late Late Show, is the biggest name on the Gavin and Stacey cast list.

Notably, Jones proposed a cliffhanger ending to their on-screen love saga, leaving fans to wonder if they will ever learn the outcome of the Nessa and Smithy storyline.

According to Jones, "I quite like the idea of it just lingering there and us wondering, 'What did she say?

"Are they together?

"'" she said.

"A sentiment Jones attributes to Nessa still "working down the slots, probably coaching the Welsh rugby team, because she's very good at that."

In conclusión, the rumour mill is running rampant and fans hold their breath, waiting for the comeback of Gavin and Stacey.

Amidst the speculation, the answer becomes increasingly apparent - we need Gavin and Stacey back on our screens.