The mother of a 14-year-old girl who nearly died twice from severe allergic reactions says her child’s life is being “put at risk” after McDonald’s staff got her order wrong on three separate occasions. 

Jemimah Ware, of Kingsbrook, says the last three times she's taken her daughter Maisy and son Freddie, 10, to the McDonald's restaurant in Broadfields drive thru the order has been wrong.

Bucks Free Press: Freddie, Jemimah and Maisy

She orders her daughter's burger without cheese, mustard or pickles due to her severe allergies and despite the special label stating this, the ingredients are all inside. 

The 36-year-old mum said: "It happened when I was in a drive-through when we pulled over and opened it and had to have it changed.

"I went in store and tried to speak to someone face to face but they shrugged it off and said sorry about.

Bucks Free Press: Wrong label on order

"We were given a burger with a special label and they print the label individually with all details with no cheese so to me it seems silly and it's got everything it shouldn't have."

Jemimah also experienced this at the High Street McDonald's on Friday, February 9 when ordering through Uber Eats.

She said: "My daughter has severe allergies and carries two EpiPens. She's allergic to chickpeas sesame, milk, a whole whirlwind there. 

"It's not air borne. Cheese in the car hasn't been an issue, even touching the packet but as soon as it touches her skin she comes out in hives so we have to be very very careful.

"My son also has an intolerance. It's not life-threatening but it will give him stomach upset and hives. 

"If I had a cup of tea and gave her a kiss that could result in hives so I have to be so careful.

"I've nearly lost her on two occasions. We're very lucky she's still with us today." 

Jemimah, an associate director of a town planning consultancy in High Wycombe, hopes her story will raise awareness of McDonald's needing better training with allergies and food labelling.

She added: "I'm really trying here to help my daughter go in the big wide world on her own and its scary.

"I want her to go off to University and she's still got so much anxiety with ordering food." 

McDonald's has issued an apology and have promised to provide better allergy training to the restaurant team in Aylesbury.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: "We'd like to apologise to this customer for their experience.

"We take order accuracy very seriously and have procedures in place to help ensure customers are served correctly.

"We are disappointed to hear we've fallen short of these high standards and additional training will be provided to the restaurant team in question, to ensure they understand the policies in place.

"We would advise the customer contacts our Customer Services Team who can provide further support.”

Uber Eats declined to comment.