A man from Amersham has expressed his frustration after he spent more than £300 on two tyres that were damaged by a potential pothole.

Alan Parsons revealed to the Free Press that one of his wheels needed to be looked at after his car went into a suspected pit along the A413 Ashley Green Road towards Chesham/Amersham in January 2023.

He had been travelling back to Buckinghamshire after seeing family in Leicestershire when he heard a ‘huge’ bang, where he eventually ‘drove slowly’ into the Golden Eagle Pub car park to see the extent of the damage.

Talking about the incident well over a year later, Mr Parsons said: “I was driving along then all of a sudden, bang.

“I thought, what on earth was that?

“Lots of things were going off on the dashboard and at this point, I was driving very slowly and I stopped off at the Golden Eagle Pub

“The car park is all lit up so I pulled in and had a look, and on the driver’s side, the front wheel had a three-inch split and a mark on the alloy trim.

“I got photos of it there and then, and got home.”

Admitting he was ‘annoyed’ at the situation, he contacted Buckinghamshire Council claiming that his car had been damaged by a pothole and had hoped for compensation.

He was recommended to submit ‘evidence’ of his claim but was rejected on two occasions.

This came after another one of his tyres was damaged by a suspected pothole along Burton’s Way in Little Chalfont.

On both occasions, he was denied compensation with Buckinghamshire Council confirming that both files were ‘closed’.

He continued: “This [the Ashley Green Road incident] happened on a Saturday night, so I contacted the emergency number for the council and spoke to someone, who said they couldn’t do much.

“Eventually, after speaking to them during the week, they told me to send over as much evidence as I could, which I did as I sent a picture of the damaged tyre.

“But they said due to a lack of evidence, the case was closed.

“It’s very frustrating as this is the second time this has happened to me.

“The other time was along Burtons Lane in Little Chalfont, and I did the same thing.

“It cost me £160 each time plus time off work.

“It’s very frustrating.”

In several emails from Buckinghamshire Council to Mr Parsons, they have recommended to ‘provide significant new evidence that would cast doubt on their investigation and subsequent decision.’