A new trailer for The Marlow Murder Club TV series has been released, giving residents a sneak peek of their town on the small screen.

The Marlow Murder Club, a two-part adaptation of Robert Thorogood's murder mystery novel, was shot across Marlow last summer and, after months of anticipation, will air on the Drama channel in just a few weeks on Wednesday, March 6 and Thursday, March 7.

The Marlow Murder Club is based on the first novel in Thorogood's three-book series, following retiree Judith Potts (Samantha Bond) as she becomes embroiled in a complex murder plot alongside empty nester Suzie (Jo Martin) and unfulfilled vicar's wife Becks (Cara Horgan).

In a new promotional trailer for the series, released this week, viewers are introduced to the novel's three-woman sleuthing team, set between panning shots of Marlow and soundtracked by a frenzied musical accompaniment.

Building around the tagline, 'Nothing brings people together like murder', the new look at The Marlow Murder Club includes glimpses of Judith hearing a gunshot while swimming in the Thames, armed police officers busting through a glass door and a foregrounded post-box, perhaps hinting at a cameo for Marlow postman Fred Smith, the only real-life person to appear in the books.


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Robert Thorogood, the creator of BBC's Death in Paradise, moved to Marlow ten years ago and was inspired by the town to pen his murder-mystery saga - even likening the area to St Mary Mead, the sleepy fictional village of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple, in an interview with the Free Press last month.

Describing his adopted home as a "beautiful chocolate box town", he also shared his delight in "taking all that respectability and suggesting it's full of nasty, murder-y people".

The novelist said shooting in the town itself was a non-negotiable condition of the series' existence, which, despite some initial qualms, had been a roaring success.

Bucks Free Press:

"The people of Marlow couldn't have been more welcoming. We really needed as much of the town as they could give us, and we got even more.

"I was very keen, having done Death in Paradise where everything is filmed on location, to take the same approach in here. (It means) you can visit the Town Council building, which we pretended was a dodgy solicitor's office, and you can go ball-to-ball at Longridge Activity Centre and imagine that you (too) are consorting with murderers."

The Marlow Murder Club will air at 8pm on Wednesday, March 6 and Thursday, March 7 on the Drama channel. It will also be available to watch on catch-up on the UKTV streaming platform.