Regular visitors to Wycombe Hospital will be familiar with the sight of scaffolding.

And many will be wondering when exactly Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust is planning on removing the scaffolding and repairing the building.

The Free Press visited the site this week to find out more - and put these questions to the healthcare authority. 

The eight-storey building, which houses an intensive care unit and operating theatres, remains covered by scaffolding and green netting.

Fresh pictures show the tower’s main entrance and walkways covered with boards and scaffolding.

Other images show a worker on the outside of the building and a small site run by Southern Demolition Co Ltd.

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The tower has a critical maintenance backlog of £80m and costs the Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust £2m a year in monitoring and repairs.

The trust said scaffolding ‘will remain in place for the foreseeable future’ while rolling maintenance and a structural review take place.

The building was designed and built in the 1960s, with small, narrow wards, poor ventilation and theatres on different floors.

The trust is now removing services from the tower, which it said ‘will not be fit for clinical use’ by 2028.