A resident has suggested the removal of benches from a popular community space in Marlow is due to 'noise complaints' from 'young people' gathering late at night.

Tina Avery, who lives in Marlow, noticed earlier this month that several benches had been removed from Liston Court Gardens just months after they were installed as part of a regeneration project.

Tina said she spoke to a workman fixing a light in the community space earlier this week who told her the decision to remove some of the benches had been made by property investor and developer Sorbon Estates following "complaints from nearby neighbours and residents in the flats above".

She added: "Apparently, young people were gathering (on the benches) in the evening and into the early hours and making a lot of noise.

"It's a real shame because (the gardens) looked amazing and it was a great space for people to have a picnic or enjoy the green space during the day."

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A spokesperson for Sorbon Estates did not deny that the benches had been moved due to noise complaints but drew focus to their commitment to making Liston Court Gardens a 'welcoming and inviting' local space.

They said: "We have been making improvements to the gardens as part of the redevelopment of the Liston Court area.

"To optimise the use of the green space, we are making appropriate adaptions to ensure we are creating a welcoming and inviting environment for the local community as well as visitors to Marlow.

"This will include an enhanced events programme for all to enjoy throughout the year."