Rishi Sunak has given a big update on two new roads being built near Aylesbury amid calls to fund them with money saved from scaling back HS2.

The Prime Minister provided more detail on how the roads would be paid for after being pressed by the Conservative MP for Aylesbury Rob Butler in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

Sunak told MPs: “Last autumn we announced the government’s vision to redirect £36billion of savings from HS2 to invest in hundreds of transport projects across the country, including possible funding for the South East Aylesbury Link Road and the Aylesbury Eastern Link Road.”

He added: “The details of how these funding uplifts will be allocated will be decided very shortly.”

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The Tory leader promised to fund regional transport projects as he announced the cancellation of the Manchester leg of HS2 in October.

Butler has since argued for some of the cash saved from HS2 to be spent in Aylesbury.

He said: “Too many people are spending too much time sitting in too many traffic jams in Aylesbury. The link roads are absolutely vital for the future success of our town.”

HS2 Ltd has already agreed to fund part of the South East Aylesbury Link Road, a new one-mile-long dual carriageway that is under construction.

Aylesbury’s other new highway – the Eastern Link Road South – will be partly funded by the Housing Infrastructure Fund and Local Growth Funds, although these sources will not cover the road’s total costs.