Multiple drivers have suffered burst tyres tonight after driving through Flackwell Heath on roads currently being repaired by Buckinghamshire Council.

At least four motorists in the space of half an hour reported flat tyres from travelling along Swains Lane from the junction on Treadaway Hill. 

As of 8pm, the road has now been temporarily closed. 

One professional, who had just finished work and was driving home, said: "I was heading uphill into the village when I suddenly realised my tyre was punctured.

"I was driving slowly due to the uneven surface but even then it wasn’t enough to avoid the potholes/raised drains that have now blown one of my tyres.”

They continued: “The fact it has reportedly happened to multiple drivers in a small amount of time shows the road is not safe to be open while these works are ongoing. It feel very much an oversight from Bucks Council for allowing this to happen to so many.”

Shane, who works for the AA, told the Fee Press: "I have been called out to three of the same [flat tyres] in the past half hour or so and heard of a 4th also.”

Shane said all four call outs in the past hour were as a result of the resurfacing works on the hill. 

He added: “It is definitely a problem. You would have thought done repairs as quickly as possible or shut road the road overnight because you can’t see raised drains until you get there.
“Unfortunately a lot of people can’t see there is a drain there until you hit them.”

Buckinghamshire Council has been contacted for comment.