A shop has been targeted by criminals for a second time after a terrifying attack on Wednesday night.

Armed robbers stormed Ivy Stores in Plantation Road, Amersham, at about 5.30pm on Wednesday night, after it was previously robbed in February 2022. 

The shopkeeper was reduced to tears as members of the community turned up to drop off flowers and offer their well-wishes.

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The Ivy Stores owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, described a gang arriving, stealing alcohol and other items, all whilst brandishing a knife.

"They just came and took some booze and cans and stuff," they said.

Queried about a potential link to another incident at nearby Londis, which happened on Thursday, February 23, she responded: "Maybe, I don’t know.

"I’m not sure if they’re related or not."

An employee at Londis was reportedly attacked with a hammer in a Thursday night robbery.

The store issued a statement, confirming he is currently in hospital.

As of now, Thames Valley Police haven't confirmed a connection between the two incidents or released a statement, but a police cordon remains at the Londis store.

Armed police and an NPAS (National Police Air Service) helicopter were also seen in Station Road at about 8pm last night.

Marcus, who owns the Londis Chesham Bois store, said: "I can confirm that an incident occurred this evening at our shop. Unfortunately, I am not able to provide any further details at this time due to police advice.

"However, one of our colleagues was attacked and has been taken to the hospital.

"We are currently awaiting further updates on his condition. Your kind thoughts and concerns are greatly appreciated and we await further news on his condition. Your well wishes and concerns are appreciated." 

Thames Valley Police has been contacted for a comment.