A CAR enthusiast in High Wycombe wants to reassure residents ahead of a planned meet-up tonight.

Organised groups often meet in the town, with hundreds of modified vehicles descending on car parks and open spaces so drivers can socialise and admire other cars.

Cruisers often spend thousands of pounds modifying their vehicles before showing them off at meetings with other car enthusiasts.

Dozens of modified vehicles are expected to descend in the car park in Five Guys, Crest Road, for a 'static' meet on Saturday, February 23.

Bucks Free Press:

The event, organised by Kieran Chaney of Wycombe Car Scene, starts at 7pm and families and pets are welcome to attend.

Thames Valley Police will also be attending to "enforce legislation."

They said: "Our Neighbourhood Teams will be working with TVP Roads Policing in response to an anticipated car meet in High Wycombe this coming weekend."

Mr Chaney said: "We have been running Wycombe Car Scene since November 2021 hosting safe and static meets.

"We have a team of members who help us organise and keep our locations safe for everyone.

"We have qualified first-aiders and traffic management officers at all of our meets to ensure a safe environment for everyone of all ages.

"We are genuine car enthusiasts who have a passion for cars."

The meet-up was set up in 2021 after Kieren noticed a 'lack of community for the car scene in Wycombe'.

Events usually attract 30 cars but Kieren thinks more will be turning up tomorrow.

He said: "We know there's a huge negative conception of car meets. That's why we encourage everyone to come to one of our locations and observe how a good static meet is organised.

"We receive so many messages expressing how these meets are helping people with their personal struggles and we think that is absolutely phenomenal.

"Our meets are genuinely really simple. People, cars, music and photographers.

"Everyone turns up and then walks around talking to each other.

"Meanwhile, we have our photographers walking around capturing the cars and meets.

"We want to say again that these meets are for everyone, of all backgrounds and interests."