I have done something similar to this before, but here are some new pictures taken by the late Simon Bird in 1990 and kindly passed on to me by his wife Jo.

The two in the top centre are in the 'lost forever' category: the Plough, Little Marlow Road, and the Bank Of England, Dean Street. The original and fondly remembered Bank was a victim of the major Dean Street demolition and widening, circa 1960. This replacement, built further back, lasted only a couple of decades. 

Top left, the Hare & Hounds, Henley Road, was extended and tastefully converted for residential use. The Crown & Anchor, Oxford Road, is now residential, although the sign remains on the wall. The Red Lion in West Street has seen various restaurants move in since its closure as a Courage pub. Now it is Côte.                

From 1977 and through the 80s, the Crown in Market Square was in the hands of a very popular personality, Colin Gatland-Hanlon, and he transformed it into the 'In' place in town, especially for the younger generation. I was talking to Colin just recently: he is still teetotal despite his years at the Crown and coming from a family pub in London. I was interested to hear that his coffee drinking in Marlow is shared between Costa, just along the street, and the bar of the Everyman Cinema which is now in the historic Crown building, and which I am pleased to hear is doing very well. The Clayton Arms in Quoiting Square is currently closed but may re-open if a suitable tenant is willing to take it over. 

We then get into the area of 'moving upmarket': the Cross Keys was always a popular and friendly boozer with a late-night licence and occasional music. It is now The Oarsman, and is building a reputation for top cuisine: 'Gastropub' is probably the right word. Likewise, the Carpenters Arms in Spittal Street, now the Butchers Tap & Grill, where you select your steak and then pay to have it cooked to your specifications.

The Coach in West Street has won awards for the food. It used to be the Coach & Horses (the horses took fright and bolted) where Chinese food was available to eat in or take away. The Hand & Flowers, far end of West Street, has, as I am sure you know, also won many awards for the food on the (expensive) menu, and with a waiting list to get a booking. And finally, not really deserving to be on this page, since the only change at the Duke of Cambridge was to cross out 'of Cambridge'. Not sure why: The Prince of Wales has not dropped 'of Wales'.

The Duke now has incorporated a Chinese menu, eat-in or take-away, with the same helpful lady (Lin) who used to be at the Coach & Horses. Let us hope that the Duke and all the remaining pubs in Marlow survive these difficult economic times. 

I end by speculating when a pub ceases to be a pub: I guess when you can no longer go in and order half a Guinness and a packet of salt & vinegar crisps!

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