THE number of empty shops in High Wycombe's town centre has been revealed. 

A local blogger has counted the number of vacant units across town, painting a very bleak picture of the town's shopping scene.

According to the blog Chepping Hundred, the figure is unchanged since the previous tally in October 2023.

From Castle Street to Oxford Street, vacant premises were spread across several areas.

One Stop Phone & Vape Store and Olive Tree opened on the High Street, which saw a single vacant premises.

Castle Street also reported a single vacant shop, with no alterations noted in the past three months.

The most significant number of empty shops are on Frogmoor, with a total of six, and on Queens Square and Oxford Street, each with four.

Here are some of the areas where there's empty shops

Oxford Street

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Queens Square / Church Street / Cornmarket


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Bucks Free Press: HWBIDCo is an organisation that represents hundreds of businesses in the town centre.

Melanie Williams, Chief Executive of HWBIDCo, said: “We all want to see active frontages in the town centre but it is important to note that a closed shop doesn’t always mean there is something to resolve, it could be subject to planning or awaiting development, we still have a way to go but the vacancy rates show we are in a far better place now than straight after covid, things are evolving, albeit at a pace of change that is not fast enough for some of us!”