A PRINCES Risborough mother is at her wit's end as continual disrepair issues plague her home, leaving her anxiety and her little boy's sensory conditions worsening.

In a formal complaint, which she described as "unacceptable", Bianca Butler of Brooke Road, voiced distress over her living circumstances and constant need to contact Red Kite Community Housing and Gilmartins repair team, about the numerous issues in her property.

"To fix the issues, workmen are arriving at my property and telling me that the jobs are too big or that they lack the funds to fix them properly," she said.

She became aware of the issues following a mutual exchange, explaining "had I known the severity of the state of the property, I would never have accepted to swap."

Her complaints to Red Kite include issues with the stairs, a leaky radiator, an improperly sealed front door, a deteriorating bathroom suffering from damp, "trip hazard" floorboards, a gap in the wall of the front room, lack of fencing for exterior safety, and a multitude of kitchen issues.

She also reported having to use a bucket to flush the toilet.

"I have two boys one aged three and the other 11. My 11-year-old has autism and ADHD and this environment is  sparking behaviour concerns.

"My eldest son won’t even bath or shower in the home due to flaking paint and plaster on the ceiling.

"My 3-year-old has tripped over uneven flooring and smashed his face on the front door."

The mother expressed frustration with the staff's attitudes, alleging that in her attempts to contact the office about these issues, their response has been dismissive, claiming staff have even laughed at her over the phone.

She said: "I am just trying to provide a safe home for myself and my children."

Many workers, she said, merely take pictures and leave, delaying much-needed repairs.

Besides the struggle with ongoing property defects, she claimed the repair team once refused to mend a dangerous trip hazard by the front door due to rainy weather, calling it "an inconvenience".

Bianca added: "I am really struggling with my depression and anxiety brought on due to the conditions of the home.

"The sheer lack of communication and disrespect will not be tolerated anymore."

The housing provider has apologised for the delay in having the issues repaired.

Head of Communications and Brand at Red Kite, Julie Gamble-Kempe, said: “Firstly we would like to apologise to our tenant for the length of time it has taken to rectify the repairs issues at her home.

“As our tenant moved into his home via mutual exchange the home didn’t go through our voids process which would have picked up the repairs required.

“Ordinarily when someone is involved in a mutual exchange, they accept the property in the condition from when they viewed it. If they are aware of issues, they should get the previous tenant to put these right before moving in.

“We are now confident that after visiting again this week and working with the tenant all the works that are required have now been identified and that these will be carried out over the next few weeks.”