A man from Amersham has thanked a second-hand car dealer for ‘acting as a mediator’ after a vehicle he purchased from another nearby trader came with several issues.

Policeman Gary Cooper, 27, had bought a 2013 Land Rover Freelander in November 2023 from Zen Automotive in Stokenchurch.

However, after several journeys in his new motor, he noticed a handful of problems which included a faulty door lock.

After being in regular contact with Zen to get the faults resolved in December, it was revealed that the problems had worsened before all communication fully stopped at the start of this year.

Mr Cooper has since informed Trading Standards about the situation before coming across a ‘Carly’ device, that diagnosed many other faults with the motor.

Speaking on the situation, he said: “I do feel very frustrated at all of this, as it’s just been one big headache after another.

“I got the car last year and if I knew it had all these issues, then I wouldn’t have purchased it.

“The Carly device diagnosed all the problems and it’s been very helpful, but I’ve spent north of £5,100 on a car that has caused me several problems.”

Despite the ongoing saga, Mr Cooper was full of praise for Buckingham AutoHaus worker, Adeel Bukhari.

Buckingham AutoHaus and Zen Automotive share the same forecourt in Stokenchurch and after Mr Bukhari heard of the issues Mr Cooper was enduring, he offered his services free of charge to help the policeman.

The copper continued: “Bucks AutoHaus have been brilliant, and I can’t praise them enough.

“Adeel has been nothing short of fantastic in terms of how he’s helping me because this has got nothing to do with him or the business.

“He’s stepped in and has given me assurance and help.

“Honestly, I can’t think him or Bucks Auto Haus enough.”

Mr Bukhari added: “I know that if I was in Gary’s situation, I would have been upset.

“Especially if it had gone on for this long.

“I’ve spoken to Zen and Gary, and they’ve agreed to call it quits once the door lock has been replaced.

“I have received the diagnostics report from Gary and taken ownership to resolve the matter for both parties.

“Everyone is a customer, whether they buy something from you or not, and we want to help.”

Despite all the issues, Rana Farraz, who is the proprietor of Zen Automotive has claimed the allegations of his lack of help are ‘untrue.’

He said: “During Christmas time, I offered to fix the problems in the car but when we were finished, Gary was away on holiday, so I dropped off the car on his drive.

“I admit that mistakes were made in terms of trying to fix the door lock and I hold my hands up for that.

“But it makes me feel awful to hear that I didn’t try and help, as we’ve fixed many cars for customers without issues.