Television personality Sharon Osbourne is one of the contestants in this year’s edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

The 71-year-old music manager and husband to Black Sabbath lead man, Ozzy, is one of the 12 housemates to participate in the show in what is the first edition focusing on celebrities since 2018.

Her appearance comes just months after she and Ozzy moved back into their 120-year-old mansion in Jordans near Beaconsfield.

The two had lived in the United States for several years but relocated back to Buckinghamshire at the back end of 2023.

Speaking last November, she said: "We live in the countryside, it's not full of paps, and it's not a busy little town.

“We have a lot of land, so (Ozzy) will be able to walk around and pursue his hobbies that he loves doing without being bothered. 

"It's home, it's always been home - I don't think I'm very American, and I just feel more at home here."

She won’t be the only person in the Big Brother House with connections to the county, as TV presenter Fern Britton will also be participating.

The 66-year-old had lived in Holmer Green but moved to a village in Cornwall following the split from her husband, Phil Vickery, in 2020.