A teacher who was jailed for having sex with one of her students has been released early from prison.

Kandice Barber, who is now 37, was sentenced to six years behind bars in March 2021 after she was found guilty of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

The former teacher, who is from Wendover, committed her crimes between September and October 2018 when she added her personal phone number to the child’s device.

She then sent topless photos to the 15-year-old boy she was teaching, along with images involving sex toys, before having illegal intercourse with him in a public field that autumn.

The disgraced educator then told the child that she would ‘bring him down with her’ if the relationship was ever made public and that she was pregnant with his child.

However, despite her actions, she has been released after serving just half her sentence.

According to the Mail Online, Barber had ‘several privileges revoked’ in jail after it was discovered she was meeting lover Jay Delaney - a convicted fraudster - while on work release from East Sutton Park Women's prison in Kent. 

The two were spotted taking photos together, which was a breach of her conditions.,

She was also spotted working on a building site in Hounslow in the summer of last year whilst on day release but was removed from the role after a picture of her circulated online.


A source told the Daily Mail: “She can consider herself very fortunate to be released at the halfway point of her sentence after such a serious infringement of prison rules. 

“Although she is now out of jail she will be carefully monitored as a sex offender and will have to register her details and movements with the police.”

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson also told the Mail: “Sex offenders face some of the strictest licence conditions and can be put back behind bars if they break the rules at any point in their sentence.”

Following her release, the paedophile ‘plans to rebuild’ her life with her three children.