A takeaway shop in High Wycombe called Chicken Cottage which received the second lowest food hygiene rating possible after a customer complained about 'undercooked chicken' has been given a new score - much to the delight of customers.

Chicken Cottage, located on Oxford Street, High Wycombe, was judged to require urgent improvement when it received a one out of five food hygiene rating in an inspection on January 23.

The inspection was carried out after Buckinghamshire Council received a complaint from a customer of 'undercooked chicken' they bought from the takeaway.

In the food safety report, an inspector drew attention to the unhygienic food storage and preparation practices of chicken, particularly "cooked chicken found left in the oven measured at 26.2 Degrees Celsius ".

As well as this, the cooked chicken stored in the hot hold steamer and cooked fried chicken hot held in the front display cabinet was below the required temperature of 63 Degrees Celsius.

Bucks Free Press: Chicken Cottage given zero rating after customer complaint

They also noted cross-contamination issues with staff members wearing gloves handling raw foods and failing to remove gloves after.

In the inspection, a large tin of baked beans was left exposed in a chilled fridge with raw chicken boxes.

The inspector noted there was poor personal hygiene with "all staff wearing outside clothes and no protective clothing.

Food containers in the chilled area were also found to be "dirty" as well as the door to the read walk-in chiller. Bins are also left open which can attract flies. 

Comparatively, only 0.7 per cent of local food establishments share this low rating.

The majority, or 69.1 per cent, have achieved the top hygiene rating of 5.

Chicken Cottage was re-inspected on Thursday, March 7, and received a five rating for food hygiene. This means inspectors find the hygiene "very good and fully comply with the law." 

Buckinghamshire Council confirmed on Wednesday, March 13, the business was re-inspected and now has a five rating.

This means the hygienic handling of food including preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling and storage is of a good standard.

The cleanliness and condition of facilities and building is also good, as well as management of food safety.