A live-in care provider based in Beaconsfield has been named Best Workplace Environment at the UK Small Business Awards.

Eximius, based in Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield, beat out other small businesses to scoop the title last month thanks to its value-oriented workplace culture.

Maria Climie, Managing Director at Eximius said: “We are delighted to have been recognised at a national level for our workplace environment.

“At Eximius, we believe that a happy team is at the heart of exceptional care services; when we empower our staff and prioritise their wellbeing, they show up each day, happy and committed to making a real difference.”

She added: “Our team is nothing short of phenomenal – they deserve that recognition in some way every day which is why we’ve always prided ourselves on our workplace culture and values.”

Suzanne Warner, Service Relations Manager at the company, added: “As a working mother, I am elated to have found a workplace that values the skills and work ethic I bring to my role without hindering my family life.

“It’s a genuine passion for going the extra mile and celebrating what people can bring to their roles, rather than to assume or prejudge a person’s capability because of their circumstances, that I feel sets Eximius apart.”