A couple from Buckinghamshire have been living in their car for over a month after turning down ‘horrible’ council accommodation.

Lee and Clarke Renshaw, both 38, have been living in their car in a layby in Waddesdon, Aylesbury, since early February when they were “forced out” of their temporary accommodation and told to move into shared housing.

They looked around one such facility in Aylesbury, Lee said and were met with “horrible and unhygienic” premises that left them with little option but to camp out in their car alongside their two dogs – something that has been a challenging experience, to say the least.

“We were happy in the temporary accommodation we were in – for over a year, we had our own bed, kitchen and toilet.

“They kicked us out for no reason and tried to put us somewhere that was shared with other people. I walked in there and felt sick – it had a really bad smell and there were dirty carpets and bedbugs.”

While it is “really cramped” in the car, packed in with one small mixed-breed dog and one Siberian Husky, Lee and Clarke prefer having their own space to moving in with strangers.

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“Shared housing is our last, last resort. People drink and use needles there and it’s smelly and dirty.

“But it is difficult, where we are now. We can’t cook or go to the toilet, and my partner and I both have mental health difficulties.

“It doesn’t feel like the council or our housing officer is helping us. We’re having a really hard time.”

Mark Winn, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Homelessness and Regulatory Services, said: “For confidentiality reasons and to protect individuals’ welfare, we do not publicly discuss details of people’s personal housing cases.

“However, we obviously recognise that any vehicle is not a suitable place for anyone to live and would like to reassure people that we are in contact with this couple and are working with them to help resolve their housing issue.”